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45 Years of Stor-it Systems: A Journey of Growth and Reimagination

November 24, 2023

As Stor-it Systems celebrates 45 years of providing top-tier material handling solutions, I’m excited to share the rich history of our company, why it began, and how it evolved. Recently, we were encouraged to tell this story – the timing couldn’t be better, as we unveil our new vehicle, wrapped from bumper-to-bumper in elements from this history.

In 1978, our founder, Frank Setchell, envisioned a company that offered comprehensive solutions. From consultation and design to installation and post-service support, Stor-it Systems set out to be the go-to provider in Atlantic Canada. Partnering with leading Canadian companies for dock equipment, mezzanines, high-speed doors, shelving, racking, lockers, and conveyor systems, we quickly gained recognition for our expert advice and top-quality product offering.

In the early days, Frank and his brother, Mike Setchell, shouldered the entire workload, from design to installation. Shawn Setchell, Frank’s son and a current team member, reminisces about watching his father sketch three-dimensional illustrations at their dining room table on Sunday afternoons. This commitment to craftsmanship and natural salesmanship laid the foundation for our success.

Mezzanine sketch for the archives of Stor-It Systems used as part of the Stor-It Systems vehicle wrap.

(This sketch was for Commercial Equipment, where my dad worked for close to 30 years)

Fast forward to the early ’90s when the company expanded to include a full complement of sales consultants, installation crews, and service technicians. Under Frank’s mentorship, our team gained expertise not only in material handling but also in professional business practices. This was also when my own journey with Stor-it Systems began. Frank’s guidance proved instrumental in my growth, and the company continued to prosper. When Frank retired, the company transitioned to new ownership, led by Mike Setchell and one of our most successful consultants, Wayne Walker.

Stor-It Systems Vehicle Wrap showing elements of the business from the past 45 years.

I recall a little trepidation on the first day of the new ownership when I was asked into Wayne’s office. There was little to fear, however, as the meeting was geared around my potential and the plans for further growth at Stor-it Systems. Fresh product lines, expanded territories, and new facilities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia took us to a whole other level and the company enjoyed a period of consistent growth that lasted close to a quarter century.

Mike had put in a lot of time in the industry when he retired in 2018. Wayne Walker assumed sole proprietorship in 2018, laying the groundwork for a new vision and succession plan. Recognizing the need for change in a rapidly evolving business landscape, we welcomed Mitchell Walker and Jeremy Ricketts to the ownership team.

Wayne has tasked this next generation of owners with carrying Stor-it Systems to that next level of success.

Under their leadership, we’ve embraced change, adding new product lines, expanding our team, and incorporating modern technology into our operations. With additions like Lincora, Spacesaver, Damotec, and Upwardor, we continue to grow our anchor lines while investing in talent, technology, and refining our standard operating procedures.

As we reflect on our journey, our new sales vehicle proudly showcases Frank’s original 3D drawings, joined by our new company colours, logo, and our renewed presence in the Atlantic Canadian marketplace. I’m excited to share it with Frank and see the memories it rekindles. Proud to be part of this incredible team, I’ve witnessed the transitions that have shaped us into the successful organization we are today. Looking ahead, we are excited about the future and the next chapter of innovation and growth for Stor-it Systems.

Stor-It Systems Vehicle Wrap