Rousseau Storage Cabinets

Rousseau Storage Cabinets

Rousseau storage cabinets are heavy-duty and provide many possibilities for safe, secure and efficient small parts storage. Rousseau drawers have industry-leading durability, and the sliding system comes with a lifetime warranty. We offer a wide variety of fully customizable.

By choosing Rousseau, you are opting for the most reliable and highest-quality products on the market.

The R-Cabinet

Specifically designed for intensive use, R Heavy-Duty Stationary Roussseau Cabinets are the ideal solution for the diverse needs of our customers. They are market-leading products thanks to the wide range of dimensions and accessories available, their modular design and, above all, their durability.

  • Industry-leading 400lb. load capacity per drawer.
  • 10 drawer heights and 7 door heights available.
  • Robust and distinctive design made for all environments.
  • True North American dimensions allow for perfect modularity.

The L-Cabinet

The L Compact Stationary Rousseau Storage Cabinets have been developed to better meet our customers’ needs in terms of dimensions offered, drawer configurations and accessories that fit in a compact cabinet.

Often used in office, retail and commercial environments, these cabinets are sturdy yet sleek.

  • 100lb load capacity per drawer
  • Central locking on the cabinet housing.
  • Six drawer heights available: 3”,4”,5”, 6”,7”, 8” and 12”
  • Wide variety of drawer accessories available
Rousseau Storage Cabinet from Stor-It Systems
Rousseau Storage Cabinet from Stor-It Systems

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