Warehouse Safety Programs

Planned Maintenance Program

Work place inspections are an essential component of a customer’s prevention program and warehouse safety. This process involves carefully examining equipment on a regular basis with a view to: 

  • Identifying and recording actual and potential hazards posed by buildings, equipment, the environment, processes and practices
  • Recording any hazards requiring immediate attention
  • Determining whether existing hazard controls are adequate and operational
  • Recommending corrective action where appropriate

What to Expect

  • Detailed inspections of new/existing equipment
  • Complete cleaning and debris removal
  • Lubrication and adjustments to required components
  • Testing for proper operation, identifying problem areas, and recommending corrective measures
Store-It Systems Warehouse Safety Programs
Store-It Systems Warehouse Safety Programs and Pallet Racking Inspection

Pallet Racking Inspection Program

The condition of your pallet racking is an ongoing concern. A safe warehouse is a safe environment for your employees. Our experienced staff can visit your site to advise you of any A344-17 CSA non-compliance issues relating to your racking. In addition, as part of a 5S safety program, the overall attention to risk, risk control, and risk reduction within your pallet racking system is paramount. A detailed inspection report as well as a recommendation for actions to bring your system back into compliance will be supplied. 

Avoid common causes of pallet rack failure

  • Damage from forklifts
  • Poor installation
  • Unrepaired components repeatedly damaged whether existing hazard controls are adequate and operational
  • Mix and match of incompatible components

As per CSA A344-17, a rack inspection program should include routine inspections (typically monthly) and a more rigorous expert inspection. This is performed by persons with special knowledge and training, with respect to structural engineering concepts and rack inspection procedures.